Baptismal Preparation

Baptismal Preparation not only provides information for parents who wish to have their children baptized but helps them experience baptism as a time for prayer.  Participation is necessary for a child to be baptized at St. Joseph.  We ask that you contact us as soon as you find out you are expecting.

Please contact Dawn LaMore at 815-468-3403.


TEAM LEADERS: Rhea Hespen 

Session Leaders will lead one of the three sessions of the Call to Celebrate: Baptism program one day a month.  Session Leaders will use this program to create a meaningful environment for the parents along with time for prayer. 

The goal of the Parish Sponsor is to help the parents/family of the new child to feel welcome and open to parish life and to build lasting relationships within our Parish community.  Parish Sponsors can be a single person, couple or family of any age in the Parish.  Parish Sponsors should give a congratualtory call or visit to the parents.  After the initial call/visit it is up to the Parish Spnsor how involved they get.  (Some ideas are: invite the parents to attend Mass with you, invite them to dinner, connect with the parents via phone conversations of emails, particpate in Parish activities with th parents, attend the child's baptism.) 

This person will send out letters to the parents at givenintervals of the child's life.

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