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Let your religion be less of a theory and more of a love affair- G.K. Chesterton


Why Youth Ministry?
The aim of the whole Christian life is to build a relationship with the person of Jesus,
as St. Athanasius says, "God became man so that man might be like God." Youth ministry is dedicated to helping our youth become informed, responsible adults in both the faith community and the secular community. Built in the Catholic Christian faith, our ministry will help the youth of our community grow in their faith and develop the skills they need to be leaders in their lives. Come and help us build a strong community center on Jesus!

Mission Statement: 
Through the grace of Jesus Christ our ministry seeks to inspire, encourage, and strengthen the youth of St. Joseph’s relationship with Jesus giving them the foundation to be lifelong disciples in our faith.

Our Vision for Youth Ministry: Our Ministry will serve and inspire the youth through working with St. Joe’s parish, their families, and other adult mentors to create an atmosphere in their life which is centered on Jesus Christ. By strengthing the presence and influence of Jesus and his mission in their lives they may grow and learn what it means to follow Jesus by becoming lifelong missionary disciples. 



Our Program: Our ministry is open to all youth from 6th grade to graduating seniors, regardless if they go to our church or not. Its backbone lies in the weekly meetings which will be focused on giving the youth an encounter with Christ.  Middle school meets will be 7-8:30 on Mondays. This year, Middle School is focused on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
High School Youth Ministry meets Tuesday 7-8:30.  We will be discussing areas of faith that affect the teens in their environment in an effort to have them see Jesus in their own life.

More events being added each week!                                                                                                                                                         Steubenville 2018      


Please email or call the Coordinator of Youth Ministry Kevin Byrnes for more details.

Phone: 815-468-3403 ext 7017




Formation Nights:


High School Tuesdays 7-8:30:

September 11th: Back to School Party

September 18th: Our Community

September 25th: His Holy Name 

Middle School Mondays 6-7:30:

September 10th: Back to school party!

September 17th: Acceptance Faith and Trust

September 24th: It's Different Here


Upcoming Events:


3 on 3 Basketball Tournament at the St. Joe's Parish Picnic: on September 23rd We will have a High School Tournament and a Middle School one. The students need 3 players and may have a 4th as an alternate. Registration is Due September 14th. Register today!

Click here to get the Registration form!


Harvest Day: November 3rd and 10th In an effort to collect food for the Manteno Food Pantry, we go around town passing out flyers asking for donations to the food pantry. The next Saturday we collect whatever is left on the door step. 

Middle School Retreats 2017-2018

Communio and Holy Fire! October 27th 7:30 am- 28th 2:30 pm A massive area Middle School event in Chicago with Cardinal Cupich saying the closing Mass. We will head right to Holy Fire, and then come back to St. Joes and continue our retreat!


High School Retreats and Events 2017-2018

Pembroke Food Pantry: On September 15th we are going to take a trip down to Pembroke to help with the Food Pantry. Pembroke is one of the poorest areas in IL and this can be a powerful experience for the Youth.

Summer Trips:

Tune in at the end of October for next year's summer trips!


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